LOCATION:          Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
PROJECT AREA: 32,000 SF (New Building)
                                13,000 SF (Existing Hangar Building)
PROJECT YEAR: 2014-2015
As part of strategic socioeconomic development, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico desires to promote the growth of a niche based in the aeronautical and aerospace industry, including operations dedicated to the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of manned and unmanned aircraft. Recognizing the juncture presented by the global market scenario as well as the importance of this industry, the new Aeronautical and Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico (AAIPR) represents an opportunity for the establishment of a new technical line of work on the island, nurturing from the available academic resources, infrastructure, and advisory from the private sector. These initiatives are in alignment with a strategic economic development plan that will generate jobs, government-owned intellectual property, business partnerships and advancement of the academic development of the local population.
Today, Ramey's runway facilities can provide a platform for satellite launching and unmanned aerial and space vehicle research. Its other building infrastructure provides an ideal place to establish research and development operations that are sensitive to vibrations and require intense weather-resistant conditions such as hurricanes-type winds and earthquake type events. Due to their location at 283 feet above sea level, the facilities are also immune to tsunami type events which also make the facilities suitable to host research activities using high performance computing equipment that sustain major scale simulations and big data operations. The AAIPR proposes to extend its campus to grow in tandem with this new initiative.